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Big Listen is happy to announce
MIDI Made Easy - Part II, written by Claude Veziau.

you can still check out MIDI Made Easy - Part I here


Janet Dagley Dagley reports:

AES 2001 Part 1

AES 2001 Part 2


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The aStream

An plugin for MS Media Player will be required and is available on their site !

NOTE: this software is in BETA testing. Please install at your own risk !

The mStream

via MS Media Player, QuickTime or any other player that accepts M3U playlists.

NOTE: this is an on-demand stream as opposed to the "live" stream the AllCast plugin or RealServer offers ! It also requires a Cable!/DSL equivalent modem or higher for proper playback.

The rStream

via RealServer. Get RealPlayer at if you don't already have it !

 Tribute to "I Hate My Job"  by Dave "Lesser Human" Freden

List Jam III a.k.a. Laura Jam

The events are now on the net.

WARNING: These are HUGE files. Load at your modem's peril !!!

VS-2480 Presentation by Laura Tyson 47MB

Mic Pre Shootout 21 MB

Or, if you would like a CD, contact Janet Dagley Dagley at

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Total program time: ever increasing !

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If you would like to include some of your own original material (music, comedy, news, reviews, etc.), attach your MP3(s) (up to 30Mb) or include your URLs and email it to We'll review it and let you know when it is added to The Stream !

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